Safety isn’t one thing. It’s everything.

“My father once asked a new worker what his job was. The man told him ‘painter,’ but my father corrected him. ‘No, you’re not. First, you’re a safety guy. Then you’re a painter.’ ” – Ryan Niles

Safety isn’t just our top priority. It isn’t just everyone’s job. Or just something that is practiced at all times. Here, safety is everything. Because without it, nothing else matters.

We confidently perform many tasks that others cannot, or will not, because we know how to safely perform them. We know that we can safely perform required tasks in confined spaces, high places, and in places requiring lead abatement or other hazards. And we do it in a safe and accident-free manner. When safety is routine, it becomes a competitive advantage.

Here’s proof that safety is in our culture, and the way we work and live:

 • 2013 CREST Award for 250,000 hours of work without a single incident or injury

 • Our University of Michigan Stadium project was recognized for more than 55,000 hours worked safely during the summer of 2013




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